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UK shopping malls to launch Scooby Doo mobile game app

Shopping malls giant Hammerson has teamed up with Warner Bros to create a Scooby Doo game that people can play using their smartphones in Brent Cross and its other sites. Daily More...

Brexit ‘no deal’ will BACKFIRE on the EU: Manufacturing chief warns Barnier to negotiate

THE European Union’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier must be given the go-ahead to negotiate a Brexit trade deal or Brussels risks shooting itself in the foot, a manufacturing More...

Pound V euro: GBP exchange rate slips as weaker pound fails to boost exports

THE pound found itself falling against the euro this morning as Britain’s trade goods deficit reportedly climbed to a record high in August. Daily Express :: City and Business More...

SNES Mini Classic news: New Nintendo stock solution, games hack and retro rival

SNES MINI Classic news this week includes a new Nintendo stock solution, a new games hack and an upcoming retro rival. Daily Express :: Entertainment Feed  More...

Star Wars 8 SHOCK: ‘Kylo Ren is NOT Han Solo’s son’ So, who IS his father?

WILL STAR WARS 8 reveal that Kylo Ren is not actually the son of Han Solo? So, who is his father? The clues are in the Last Jedi trailer. Daily Express :: Entertainment Feed  More...

Food: Top 10 facts you never knew on World Food Day

Today is World Food Day, commemorating the founding of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization on October 16, 1945. Daily More...

Melania Trump’s £1000 obsession: Donald Trump’s wife loves heels created from THIS animal

MELANIA TRUMP, the third wife of US President Donald Trump, is known for her expensive wardrobe. The First Lady, More...

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Google Pixel 2: Which one is best for you?

GOOGLE has unveiled its next-generation smartphone, Pixel 2. But how does this new flagship handset stack-up...

Kodi ALERT: Online streaming users stunned as add-on told ’we hope you lose in court’

KODI is waging a war of words with the hugely popular add-on repository, TVAddons. Users were...

iPhone 8 v Note 8 v OnePlus 5 – Ultimate battery test reveals a clear and surprise winner

APPLE’S iPhone, Samsung’s Note 8 and the OnePlus 5 all feature fast charging batteries, but which...

Homeopathy is just a ‘trick of the mind’ according to latest study

HOMEOPATHY is “quackery” which relies on a trick of the mind and studies on animals prove it, a study says. Daily More...

Erectile dysfunction SHOCK: Men in this area of the UK suffer most

ERECTILE dysfunction rates vary greatly across the UK, and London has been revealed as the area with the men who suffer..

Pregnant women, OAPs & babies can now safely eat runny eggs 30 years after salmonella fear

PREGNANT women, infants and old aged pensioners can now safely eat runny eggs carrying the British Lion mark following new advice..

What to do and where to stay in Lisbon: discover Portugal’s capital city in 48 hours 

LISBON, in Portugal, is a city of culture and culinary treats as writer George Mills discovered. Daily Express More...

Cruise news: THIS is the most serious THREAT to a cruise ship – and how it’s prevented

CRUISE ships can face many safety issues while sailing the open ocean – but one of them is far more serious..

Is California safe? Latest travel update as deadly wildfires devastate US state

CALIFORNIA has been devastated by unprecedented wildfires that have killed at least 10 people. Here is the latest travel update for..

ইকোনমিস্টের চোখে ডনাল্ড ট্রাম্প

-মানবজমিন এক বিপ্লবের কবলে ওয়াশিংটন। ডনাল্ড ট্রাম্প যখন বিস্ফোরক সব নীতি আর নির্বাহী আদেশের বোমা ফাটাচ্ছেন তখনো গত মাসের শপথ অনুষ্ঠানের..

X Factor 2017: Viewers concerned as this contestant is CUT during Six Chair Challenge

X FACTOR viewers were left wondering whether one of their favourite contestants had gone missing as they watched the weekend’s double..

Shop, do good and feel even better this SOCIAL SATURDAY

SHOPPERS’ spending power can make a big impact this Saturday when the spotlight shines on social enterprises, those businesses with a.. INT