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European Central Bank bids to take over euro clearing after Brexit in threat to City

The European Central Bank has put forward proposals that would enhance its oversight over euro clearing, adding to fears that London is set to lose its grip on the multibillion More...

Bailed-out Allied Irish bank returned to stock market in ‘landmark’ sale

IRELAND has returned Allied Irish Bank to the stock market in a landmark moment that underscores the lender’s recovery after it was saved from collapse during the financial More...

Apple row chip maker Imagination Technologies for sale

MICROCHIP designer Imagination Technologies has put itself up for sale two months after a falling out with its biggest customer, Apple, sent its shares crashing by more than More...

Hero cop who fought terrorists reveals SHOCKING story of battling Boston Marathon Bombers

SERGEANT Jeff Pugliese was one of the police officers who pursued and took down the Tsarnaev brothers in a gun battle as a home-made bomb went off. He tells his own account of More...

Nintendo Switch stock news – New units being produced ‘as fast as possible’

NINTENDO have given a Switch stock update – saying they are making new units of the hybrid console as “fast as possible”. Daily Express :: Entertainment Feed  More...

Body language expert reveals what Angela Merkel was REALLY saying to Theresa May

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel was pictured talking to Theresa May ahead of EU Brexit negotiations in Brussels. A body More...

Martin Lewis: Slash your water bill using THIS trick – and your provider will pay for it

MARTIN LEWIS’ advice this week includes how to save hundreds of pounds on your water and energy bills by getting More...

Why Samsung Galaxy S8 DITCHED this brilliant feature (and why Galaxy Note 8 might as well)

SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 was long-rumoured to sport a fingerprint sensor embedded beneath the display but we...

Virgin Media HACK – How to change password, check if your account was HACKED

VIRGIN MEDIA has cautioned more than 800,000 customers to change their password after an investigation found...

Forget the new Nokia 3310, Samsung just launched its own RETRO phone

SAMSUNG have launched a retro rival to the Nokia 3310 with the Galaxy line-up getting the...

Crohn’s disease symptoms: THIS diet could prevent signs of bowel condition

CROHN’S disease is a long-term and debilitating condition, but a high fat diet could help control symptoms More...

What is bone cancer? Symptoms could be mistaken for THIS common condition

BONE cancer is a rare type of cancer – it affects just over 500 people every year. Daily Express :: Health..

Type 2 diabetes symptoms: Women reveal what it is like to live with the condition

TYPE 2 diabetes is a serious health condition which can cause complications – foot damage which can lead to amputation, nerve..

Brexit ONE year on: Make your pound stretch further on holiday using THIS expert tip

BREXIT was voted in exactly one year ago but despite a weakened pound, your summer holiday doesn’t have to More...

Holiday SCAM: Fake travel firms even tricking GOOGLE as one in ten Britons are caught out

FAKE travel firms are even tricking Google into thinking they are genuine, leading to over 5,000 holidaymakers being scammed. Daily Express..

Virgin Mobile offers FREE return flight with new contracts…but there’s a catch

VIRGIN MOBILE are offering new contract users a free return flight as part of the package…but there’s a catch. Daily Express..

Ghostbusters 2016 video game review (PS4): The worst gaming movie tie-in ever?

A slow and clumsy top-down shooter with none of the energy and excitement of the Ghostbusters movies. Daily Express :: Gaming..

ইকোনমিস্টের চোখে ডনাল্ড ট্রাম্প

-মানবজমিন এক বিপ্লবের কবলে ওয়াশিংটন। ডনাল্ড ট্রাম্প যখন বিস্ফোরক সব নীতি আর নির্বাহী আদেশের বোমা ফাটাচ্ছেন তখনো গত মাসের শপথ অনুষ্ঠানের..

Crystal Maze: Louie Spence completely LOSES IT as round takes DISASTROUS turn

LOUIE SPENCE erupted after suffering from a disastrous performance during the return of The Crystal Maze with new host Richard Ayoade..

Government borrowing at lowest amount for 10 years boosting efforts to fix public finances

THE Government borrowed its lowest amount for 10 years last month, boosting efforts to fix the public finances amid an expected.. INT